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3 Benefits of Having a Wi-Fi Thermostat

3 Benefits of Having a Wi-Fi Thermostat

The future of heating and cooling is here, thanks to Wi-Fi thermostats! If you’re always on the go, or a new technology enthusiast, then this device will suit your needs perfectly. Although traditional thermostats are still a well-working staple in many homes, a Wi-Fi thermostat is a great upgrade and comes with a slew of benefits. Without further ado, here’s why you should consider installing a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home:

 Leslie H_C - August 2, 2017

Benefit #1: Control Temperature from Miles Away

Just like downloading your favorite mobile game from the app store, Wi-Fi thermostats come with an application to control the device. Once your thermostat has been set up, the application on your mobile phone will pair with the device and you’ll be good to go! Next time you jet-set across the country to visit your grandmother, you can adjust the temperature in your home from your phone!

Benefit #2: Saves More Energy

Although many thermostats have pre-set features, a Wi-Fi thermostat provides more intricate options for energy-saving settings within your home. Think of this device as the concierge at a hotel — the device will accommodate your temperature needs 24/7. In addition: by saving more energy, a Wi-Fi thermostat will be saving you a ton of money, too!

Benefit #3: Makes HVAC Reports a Breeze

Does your home suffer from frequent HVAC problems? If so, a Wi-Fi thermostat will alert you ahead of time before anything happens. For example, if the filter needs to be changed in your unit, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile device. Having a Wi-Fi thermostat is like having an HVAC professional within your home, that will alert you of your heating and cooling system needs.

Looking to install a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home? Call the experts at Leslie Heating & Cooling at (630) 576-9235 to learn more about this device, and to schedule an installation appointment. Here at Leslie, we offer comprehensive and trustworthy air conditioning services throughout Woodridge, Illinois, and are dedicated to making your home feel more comfortable this season.

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