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3 Easy Ways to Save Electric Bills

3 Easy Ways to Save Electric Bills

Winter is that time of year when homeowners worry about the number at the bottom of their electric bill. It’s easy to spend a fortune in return for comfort, but saving money is easy if you adopt just these three rules:

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Find air leaks & seal
One of the biggest reasons homeowners find their energy bills through the roof is because they crank the heat without realizing they have air leaks. Air leaks are sneaky because they allow so much air to escape without you realizing it. So find the cool spots in your home and seal up air leaks wherever spotted.

Make heating repairs
Don’t wait until the last minute! Call your local HVAC tech now to make necessary heating repairs, as waiting until the first cold day could put your family in an uncomfortable position. Whether it be the pilot light or the thermostat, your HVAC pro will have a good understanding of what it takes to get your heat up and running in time for winter.

Insulate your attic & basement
There are two cold areas in your home – the attic and basement. Believe it or not, even if they’re sealed off, neglecting insulation in these spots can waste heat and leave you feeling cold. What insulation does is resist heat flow. The more that the insulation in your home is able to do this, the more efficient your home will be and the less energy you will put to waste.

At Leslie Heating & Cooling, your comfort is our number one priority. We are a family-owned and operated business based in Woodridge, Illinois and are here for all of your HVAC emergency needs, heating installation, and maintenance. To learn more, give us a call at 630.621.9419 or visit our website.

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