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3 Ways to Stay Warm This Fall

3 Ways to Stay Warm This Fall

The cool, crisp fall weather is upon us — which means that light-jackets will slowly make a grand return to your neighborhood. Before the temperature begins to drop even lower in the months ahead, it’s important that you know these tips and tricks on how to stay warm!

Leslie H_C - September 19, 2017

Way 1: Program Your Thermostat

One of the simplest ways to keep warm on the cool, brisk days of fall is to program your thermostat. Since the weather won’t reach a chilling temperature this early, it’s important to find a comfortable temperature on your thermostat and set that immediately. This is also a great way to see if your home heating unit works effectively before winter appears.

Way 2: Turn On Your Ceiling Fan

Want to know the easiest way to keep warm? Turn your ceiling fan on in a clockwise direction, while on the lowest setting. This will not only send the hot air from your ceiling downward, but it will also keep air circulating throughout your home — keeping the room as comfortable as can be.

Way 3: Ice Your Thermostat

Not able to adjust your own thermostat if you live in an apartment? The best trick to heat up your space is to hold a cup of ice next to the device. Not only will this make your thermostat believe it needs to heat the room, but it will also be a surefire way to adjust your apartment temperature any time you’d like — it’s that simple.

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