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5 Easy Ways to Prep Your Home for Thanksgiving

5 Easy Ways to Prep Your Home for Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your house, take the weekend to prep your home in all the necessary ways. From cleaning the little things to making sure the big things are in proper working order, here are five easy ways to ensure you are good to go when the doorbell rings:

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Clean your oven
First things first. When was the last time you cleaned your oven? Probably not recently enough. With all the cooking your oven is going to do, make a non-toxic cleaner made out of baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar, or buy natural dish soap. Scrub the grease clean and let the solution do its magic. Your turkey will come out much better than it would if you didn’t clean at all.

Clean the silverware
Your silverware should be shiny and presentable for your Thanksgiving feast. Try a similar natural cleaner: place silverware in an aluminum pot filled with water, salt, and baking soda. Bring water to a boil for three minutes, remove the pieces, store in warm soap water, and scrub with a clean cloth.

Replace the vacuum belt
If your vacuum isn’t working the way it once did, try replacing the belt. Use screwdrivers to remove the cover, use a flat heat screw to pry out the agitator, and slide the belt off. Slid the new one on and replace the agitator. You’re more likely to capture that dust that’s flying around your home.

Childproof your home
Family usually means children and infants coming to visit too. With little kids running around the house, keep them safe by covering the outlets with their caps and keeping electrical cords out of reach.

Adjust your heating system
Your home should stay at a comfortable temperature and balanced air flow. Test where the airflow is heaviest and lightest to determine which vest might need a proper adjustment, and call your HVAC technician for assistance.

When all’s said and done, you’ll be ready for your Thanksgiving gathering!

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