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5 Energy-Saving Cooling Methods

5 Energy-Saving Cooling Methods

Picture it: you receive an envelope from your electric company in the mail, open it, and immediately drop the letter on the counter. Warmer weather is upon us, and not only does it affect our comfort, it also affects our monthly bills. Instead of sweating out the heat (as a solution), here are some energy saving cooling methods that will save you dollars, and protect the environment.

Leslie Heating & Cooling - July 3, 2017

Tip 1: Keep the Door(s) Shut

Using the air conditioner in your bedroom, but not in the rest of your home? If that’s the case, shut the door — it will keep the cold air in, and your air conditioner won’t be working overtime.

Tip 2: Close the Blinds

Want to use your AC less? Try keeping the blinds closed within your home. It may be tough to block the view of your lawn ornaments at first, but it will be worth it in the end.

Tip 3: Cool, Damp Cloth

The next time you’re overheating, take a hand towel (or small cloth) and run it under cold water for thirty seconds. Once that’s complete, place it on any pulse point of your body; like the back of your neck, for example. This will cool your body temperature, and you’ll feel refreshed within minutes!

Tip 4: Have a BBQ

No, it doesn’t have to be an actual BBQ — but have one, if you must. By grilling outdoors, you’re eliminating heat emissions from your stovetop and cutting electric/ gas costs in half. Also: who doesn’t love a good meal with grill marks?

Tip 5: Open the Windows

Before you head to bed, open the windows in your room. By doing this, you’re preserving the AC and letting natural air in. It’s a great way to balance the room’s air temperature, and cut energy usage in half.

Looking for the perfect AC unit to keep you cool, in between energy-saving breaks? The experts at Leslie Heating & Cooling offer comprehensive and trustworthy air conditioning services throughout Woodridge, Illinois, and are dedicated to making your home feel more comfortable this season. To learn more about these services, give us a call at 630.621.9419!

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