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Air Purifiers on High Demand

Air Purifiers on High Demand

From air pollutants to dust and allergens, the air in your home or workplace might not be as clean as you think! But thanks to new technology, you can filter out all the bad air particles and restore freshness once more. The answer? Air purifiers.

Purifiers have been increasingly more popular over the years due to the change in people’s lifestyles. Below are a few quality purifiers that are currently on the market that you might want to invest in:

air purifiers

Media Filters – Non-electronic and cost-effective, media filters clean the air filtering through your duct system. They work by eliminating particulates from the air that pass through without letting solid objects pass as well – a smart option for any home.

HEPA Air Cleaners – These systems can filtrate up to 95 percent of particles and bioaerosols, getting rid of bacteria and fungus. Although they are typically used in medical and industrial settings, there are home air filters with minimum efficiency reporting value that are just as effective as HEPA filters.

Ultra-Violet Air Purification – UV light technology is another method of killing pollutants in the air. These purifiers work to eliminate bacteria and allergens in your ductwork, just like media filters. When used in conjunction with other air purifiers, this option works best.

At Leslie Heating and Cooling, we also offer professional air cleaning specialties where our air quality specialists will come right to your door and evaluate your home’s needs. To learn more about this offer as well as our other air purifying options, click here.

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