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How To Reduce Allergens In the Home

How To Reduce Allergens In the Home

You open your windows on a beautiful spring afternoon only to realize that blooming trees also means allergy season. Many customers come to us looking for ways to reduce allergens in their homes, and this is the advice we offer:

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First find out what you’re allergic to before taking preventative measures. From pollen to dust mites to mold, there could be many different triggers for your seasonal allergies. After all, you could end up being allergic to your loving pet.

Keep allergens at the door
Prevent dragging outdoor allergens inside the home by placing two mats by the front door (one outside and one inside). By double tracking your steps, you can prevent spreading allergens around with your shoes – or better yet, take your shoes off at the door.

Install carpet
When allergies become out of control, you might want to invest in carpet. Sound shocking? While most people believe that hardwood controls allergies more, it can in fact make pollen and dust more airborne. Meanwhile, carpet holds in those allergens. So as long as you vacuum weekly, you should feel more comfortable!

Buy an air purifier
The best way to keep your home’s air clean is to look into air purifiers, such as HEPA filtration systems or media filters. Media filters work by filtering out impurities, pollutants, and allergens from the air as it passes through. HEPA air cleaners can filtrate at up to 95% efficiency for particles and bioaerosols as small as .3 microns.

An air purifier is a smart technological method for keeping your home feeling fresh all year long. If your allergies are getting in the way of your daily comfort, contact Leslie Heating and Cooling. We offer professional air cleaning specialties where our air quality specialists will come right to your door and evaluate your home’s needs. To learn more about our air purifying options, click here.

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