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HVAC Myths Decoded

HVAC Myths Decoded

Did you know that closing off your vents won’t actually reduce your air conditioning bill? Contrary to popular belief, this can in fact throw your system out of whack. So not everything you hear about heating and cooling is true. In an attempt to clear things up, below are a few common HVAC myths:

Myth and facts
Myth: Turning the thermostat all the way down will cool a room faster.
Fact: When you set a desired temperature, your air conditioner won’t work any harder or faster to cool off the room just because you press a lower setting repeatedly. The best thing you can do is to turn your thermostat to the right temperature and wait patiently – the room will eventually cool off the way you want it to, just give it a little time.

Myth: Leaving your fan on even when you’re not at home will keep your home cool.
Fact: As much as we’d like this to be true, reality is that fans do not cool off your home. What they actually do is give off a cooling effect that only helps when you’re in the room because it sends a chilling sensation through your body.

Myth: Buying an energy-efficient HVAC unit will save you money.
Fact: This one is actually partially true. Investing in an energy-efficient system can save you money in the long run, but what’s more important is the size of your unit. Make sure you don’t buy one that’s too big, as this can lead to energy waste. Buying one that’s too small can also be inefficient because you’ll be more likely to crank up the temperature, leading the system to overwork itself.

Myth: There’s no need to call a professional unless there’s a problem.
Fact: Like any other big investment in your home, calling an HVAC pro for a routine checkup is an important part of maintaining a well-functioning system. So don’t hold off until the last minute to dial your technician’s number – this can lead to worse problems than you had to begin with.

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