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Maintaining Good Air Quality With a Fireplace

Maintaining Good Air Quality With a Fireplace

While many of us love sitting around a cozy fire during winter, fires can affect the air quality in our homes – whether we see it or not. Due to the many health effects that poor air quality can cause, we wanted to show you how you can maintain good air quality while staying toasty through the season:

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Use dry logs: When you use dry, seasoned wood, you avoid burning wet or green logs that create extra smoke and waste fuel.

Look for dirty glass: Dirty glass doors on wood stoves is a sign that wood is too moist or that the fire needs more air.

Consider an insert: A fireplace insert fits right into your fireplace and burns 70 percent more efficiently than an open fireplace.

Check the moisture: According to the EPA, the moisture content of wood should be less than 20 percent. You can find a wood moisture meter at your local home improvement store.

Use dry kindling: Start a fire using dry kindling. Then add a few pieces of wood. Make sure to space out the logs so there is enough air between to get the fire ignited.

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