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Natural Ways to Heat Up Your Home

Natural Ways to Heat Up Your Home

When temperatures are below freezing, odds are you’re going to blast the heat. But blasting the heat can have consequences – not only can it waste energy, but it can also cause your system to overwork and wear down over time.

While reaching for the thermostat sounds like the best solution, we know a few other ways that can warm you up and save you money so you won’t think about cranking the heat again.

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Wear layers
The most cost-effective and purposeful way to warm up naturally is to wear layers upon layers. Sometimes it’s a simple solution we don’t think about, but by dressing warmer, we don’t need as much electric or gas heat to warm up our homes.

Open the shades
When sunny winter days are upon us, let’s open the shades and let the light in. When natural sunlight reflects through our windows, we can leave the heat for more cloudy, snowy nights.

Reverse the fan
By reversing the fan to rotate in a clockwise direction, we can push the warm air down in order to fight the heat which rises.

Sleep with a hot water bottle
Place a hot water bottle under the covers with you at night to allow heat to radiate through your body. With this direct source of natural heat, you’re less likely to blast the heat at night when you go to bed. Just be careful that the water you use isn’t too hot or doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin.

Take a hot shower
Just the way a cold shower can cool you down, a hot shower can have the opposite effect. Take a hot shower upon waking up and going to sleep when you might feel more tempted to reach for the thermostat. By taking a hot shower, you can shake off that chill without wasting energy.

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