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Prepping Your AC Unit for Autumn

Prepping Your AC Unit for Autumn

Don’t wait until you see a foot of snow on the ground to realize you need to protect your outdoor HVAC unit. Instead, take the steps to start winterizing your unit now so you can sleep easy knowing next year your unit will be running in tip top shape.

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Come October, make sure to:

  • Turn off the air conditioning circuit closest to your unit. During unseasonably warm days, this will prevent the AC unit from turning on and filling up with water, which can then freeze on a colder day.
  • Use a hose to clean off any dirt, dust, or bird droppings from the unit. Also make sure it is clear of any branches or twigs.
  • Duct tape foam covers around any exposed pipes to insulate and protect them against freezing temperatures.
  • Cover the HVAC unit with a waterproof plastic or vinyl cover.
  • Wrap the unit tightly with bungee cords so that it does not blow away or loosen in extreme winds.
  • Check the unit regularly throughout the winter. Brush snow or ice off to prevent it from leaking into the unit. Also remove any branches or leaves that have fallen on top of the unit.

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