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Radiant Heating vs. Central Heating

Radiant Heating vs. Central Heating

Ah – the battle of central and radiant heating. Many homeowners and even some HVAC technicians debate over which is more efficient. For several reasons, we believe radiant heating might be the better solution, but here’s where:

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Central Heating
The average American home has central heating set up. Nothing is better than the warmth it provides on cold, winter nights – and you’ll always find yourself reaching for the thermostat to make it even warmer if you have to. But that brings us to one issue – let’s call it the yo-yo heating pattern, where you constantly adjust  your thermostat, causing your furnace to turn on and off. In the end, this results in wasted energy and uncomfortable. Forced hot air systems are subject to something known as parasitic heat loss – because the air in your furnace and air handler has to travel through many tubes before it gets to a room, there are many opportunities for heat loss and air leaks. There might be something better…

Radiant Heating
Some studies show that radiant heating can be up to as much as 30 percent more efficient than central heating. Why, may you ask? Because the heating panels are in direct contact with the floor, there is little room for heat loss. The air isn’t forced out of vents, so there is no cross-breeze, which allows you to keep the thermostat a bit lower. We should also mention that radiant heating is a great solution for this allergy sensitivities, as dust does not get blown around the way it does with central heating – just one of the many reasons people are making the switch.

Which heating is right for your home?

Whether you choose radiant heating or central heating, Leslie Heating and Cooling is here to help you with all of your home heating needs! We are a family-owned and operated business based in Woodridge, Illinois and offer 24/7 emergency service.To learn more about us and our home heating services, give us a call at 630.621.9419 or visit our website.

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