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Reasons Your Home Isn’t Heating

Reasons Your Home Isn’t Heating

When your home isn’t heating up, what should you do? Heating and cooling systems can be tricky to work with, but sometimes the solution is simple. So before you pick up the phone and call your HVAC technician, check these three common culprits that prevent your home from feeling as toasty as it should:

Family warming up hands over electric heater

1. Windows are not sealed. Warm air seeps out in the sneakiest of places. Walk around to each window in your home. Sometimes it’s easy to know if they’re not sealed because you’ll feel a draft coming in. If you notice any air leaks, you’ll want to seal up those windows with new caulking. Bonus tip: to check for drafts, hold a lit candle close to your window and see if the flame bends. If it does, then you’ll know where the issue lies.

2. Vents are blocked. Do you have furniture or carpets blocking your air vents? When your couch or bed frame is sitting too close to your vents, it could prevent your home from heating up properly. Not to mention, having anything too close to your vents is a hazard. So if you’re feeling chilly, but the heat is set to “high” then blocked vents might be the problem.

3. Furnace filter is dirty. If your furnace filter isn’t changed regularly, it can get dirty enough to clock the return air flow to the furnace. And as a result, your furnace might not work as efficiently to provide your home with heat, or it could even break down. If you choose to change the air filter yourself, be sure to shut off your furnace first.

Have you tried fixing these issues and find that your home still isn’t heating up? If so, then contact Leslie Heating and Cooling! Our technicians are professionally trained and are ready to help you maximize your home’s comfort for the cooler months! Give us a call at (630) 576-9235 or visit our website to learn more about our heating services.


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