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Ways to Help Stay Warm When the Heating Goes Out

Ways to Help Stay Warm When the Heating Goes Out

Preparing for winter and freezing temperatures is vital, and you need the best heating repair company to ensure everything is in good working condition. However, even with maintenance and servicing, failures aren’t unheard of. Heater breakdowns may leave you with no furnace to rely on. In some cases, an HVAC repair technician might not be able to get to your home fast enough. In that case, here are six tips that will help you stay warm when the heating goes out.

1. Layer Up Your Clothes and Blankets

Putting on more layers of clothes creates air spaces that reduce heat loss from your body. This ensures you maintain the heat your body generates and also keeps the cold from getting in. In a similar fashion, investing in a second duvet will give you more warmth at night.

2. Seal Openings

Staying warm involves two things: avoiding heat loss and exposure to cold. Make sure you close all windows and doors and pull down the curtain to prevent cold air from entering the room. You can also find a small room and keep your primary supplies therein to maintain warmer temperatures while you keep other doors locked.

3. Consume Hot Meals and Drinks

Hot food and drinks help to generate heat in the body and keep you warm. As such, you should pack away all your sodas and cold beverages until you have the heater fixed. Meanwhile, maintain a supply of hot beverages to stay warm throughout the day and night.

4. Get Active

Physical workout increases the heart rate and blood circulation as you generate the energy to push through. HIIT and cardio can help get you warm and sweaty within a few seconds. However, you can take it at your own pace and get some good workouts in while warming your body. Simple, steady jogging is enough to get your body heated, so, unless you want to achieve other fitness goals, master how to get your body warmed up faster.

5. Cuddle with Someone

Cuddling can generate heat pretty fast and is one of the ways to stay warm through winter. You can cuddle while watching TV or sleeping. Cuddling is effective, especially if you share one covering, such as a duvet, as it traps the heat your bodies generate, maintaining warmer interior temperatures.

6. Keep Lights On

Incandescent bulbs and lighting are known to emit more heat than fluorescent and LED lighting. Although this means they consume more energy, you can keep them on to keep the air warmer in your bedroom and other rooms.

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