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Don’t Make These Common Home Heating Mistakes

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

T-minus two days until Thanksgiving! Don’t let your home get too chilly when guests arrive. Below are a few common mistakes to avoid if you want to increase your home’s comfort levels this holiday season:


Buying the wrong portable heater
Space heaters are convenient, but you must choose the right type. There are two types of space heaters: convection and radiant ones. Convection heaters take more time to heat up, but are more capable of heating your home than radiant heaters.

Neglecting drafts
Drafts that creep into your home can decrease your home’s temperature and push warm air out. Overtime, this can cost you lots of extra cash. So avoid an uncomfortable Thanksgiving holiday by going around the home and sealing up all those air leaks you might have – your guests will thank you!

Keeping the curtains closed
The more natural sunlight you let into your home, the more you will be able to heat up your home without the use of your central heating system. So on those sunny days, don’t make the mistake of drawing the shades. Instead, leave them open and only keep them closed at night to keep drafts out.

Setting the temperature too high
Did you know that raising your heat too high can overwork your boiler? When you overwork your boiler, you might cause damage, which we all know means costly repairs. On this Thanksgiving holiday, give your heat a little rest! Since you’ll be working a lot in the kitchen, you can let your stove top and oven do the work (and save money on energy bills).

Need a heating repair before the big holiday? If so, then contact Leslie Heating and Cooling! Our technicians are professionally trained and are ready to help you maximize your home’s comfort! Give us a call at (630) 621-9419 or visit our website to learn more about our heating services.

#TestimonialTuesday | Need a HVAC Pro?

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

It’s tough to go through a cold winter and not experience at least one heating problem in the home. If you’re a homeowner, then you know how important it is to have a local HVAC professional you can count on day and night! Whether you have a handyman in the house or not, having a heating and cooling company you can turn to is essential.

At Leslie Heating & Cooling, we are dedicated to providing the utmost HVAC care to all of our customers in Naperville and the surrounding areas. Why choose us for your home heating needs? Our recent customer reviews speak for themselves!


“I must say that I am very impressed with how responsive you have been most recently and then of course, Jim and Jennifer through the past year/year and a half. I’m so glad I stumbled upon the name, Leslie Heating. Jim has been a lifesaver when it came to helping us solve our heat issues in the past.”

- Jennifer C.

“Each time my heat goes on, I once again think of Clint taking the time to listen to his neighbor, Kevin, who told him of my story. If it were not for Clint taking an interest in my situation, I would still be in trouble. You were so kind in getting me scheduled so quickly! And then looking into the coverage of warranty, etc… I just don’t know what I would have done without all the effort you all put into my situation, which was unusual, I grant you!”

- Midge R.

It was the middle of the night I had to call Leslie because our heater stopped working. I got through right away and the technician came out within the hour. I didn’t know what to expect being it was 2AM and I never had to call a service company after hours. I must say, I’m impressed! Bravo Leslie Heating. The technician came out to my house, professional, polite, and eager to help me with my problem. He did a great job figuring out what was wrong with my heater and got my approval before doing any work.

Best yet, he offered me a service agreement to get my heater and AC inspected twice a year and since I was now a member, there were no extra charges for my middle of the night call! That’s right, same price as 2 in the afternoon. Thanks Leslie Heating and Cooling for following through with your promises.

- Brock R.
To read more customer reviews, please click here.

For any and all of your home heating problems, we’ve got your solutions! Our experts are fully trained and licensed, ready to help you with your next heating repair or installation. We are available for emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, give us a call at (630) 621-9419 or visit our website.

Simple Heating Fixes

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Has your heat stopped working? Although most heating problems aren’t so DIY-friendly, there might be a few matters you can take into your own hands. Before calling a professional, you might want to consider these four simple fixes:

Protecting your house

Change the filter. When your furnace stops working, your furnace might be the culprit. First see if the filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. If your heat has been overworked or you know it’s been months since your filter has been changed, make that a priority. But of course when you’re in doubt about how to change the filter, be safe by giving your HVAC tech a call.

Check the thermostat. Sometimes your heat can fail on you simply because your thermostat isn’t working. In this case, check the power source, as you could have a blown fuse or dead batteries. Your thermostat may also need to be dusted off. However, if the problem persists, it might be time to replace your thermostat.

Keep heating elements clear. If your furnace is working but your home still isn’t heating up, check your vents and radiators. When your furniture is set too close to them, your heat won’t have enough room to circulate throughout your home. Not to mention, furniture placed too close to your heating elements can be a fire hazard.

Change batteries. Do you have a mini split heating system? If so, your heat might not be working due to the remote. Before you suspect a worse problem, check the batteries in your remote and try changing them first.

If all else fails, call a licensed HVAC professional to come fix the problem. At Leslie Heating and Cooling, we carry the highest level of insurance available to meet all residential, commercial, and industrial requirements. To learn more about how we can help you with your heating needs this winter, give us a call at 630-621-9419 or visit us on the web.

How Zone Control Systems Work

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Unless you live on your own, chances are you’ve had an argument about the temperature in your home at one point or another. If you find yourself constantly adjusting the temperature throughout your home in an attempt to heat or cool only one area, then a zone control system might be the solution for you.


What is a zone control?
Zone control systems allow you to individually set different temperatures throughout your home to help increase efficiency when heating or cooling.

What are the benefits?

Forced Air Zone Control
By setting up a forced air zone control system, you can heat or cool each room using a separate thermostat. In other words, each thermostat is wired to its own zone so that you no longer need to settle on a single temperature for your entire home.

Hydronic Zone Controls
A hydronic zone control system allows you to get the most out of your boiler system and heat your home on a room to room basis. You have a control panel and a thermostat for each zone so that your boiler doesn’t have to overwork itself to create unneeded heat.

When it comes to zone control systems, the greatest benefit of all is that everyone can choose the temperature they want in different areas of the home. For installation or more information on these home upgrades, contact the experts at Leslie Heating and Cooling in Naperville, IL by visiting us on the web or calling us at 630.621.9419.

Ways to Childproof Your HVAC

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Part of keeping your little ones safe at home means knowing what can hurt them. And when it comes to your HVAC system, there are plenty of ways your children can be put in harm’s way. So in honor of Child Safety Protection Month, keep your kids safe at home by learning how to protect them from your heating and cooling.

Secure your vents. It’s easy for your child to lift your floor vents if you don’t secure the covers properly. To child-proof them, screw or nail your vent covers into the floor. For extra precaution, you can also place a screen over them. Another option that doesn’t involve nails is to use velcro to keep them down.

Place thermostats and units high up. Turning the thermostat too high or the AC too low can not only damage your HVAC system, but it can also be a hazard to you and your child’s health. If you have small children at home, be sure to install your indoor units and thermostats high enough so that they’re out of reach.

Protect outdoor unit. It’s also important to block off your outdoor HVAC unit, as there are many wires and sharp edges that can cause injury. If your child touches any of these parts, there’s a lot that can go wrong. So block off your unit with shrubs or a locked fence to be on the safe side.

Keep remotes out of reach. For any and all of your units, don’t let remote controls go out of sight and into your child’s hands. If they do, your little one can unintentionally break the unit. So place remote controls in drawers or on shelves where your child can’t find them or ponder the idea of playing with them.

Remember that childproofing your HVAC system all depends on a child’s age and size. Consider the above options and give your professional HVAC technician a call if you’re unsure about anything. If you’re in the Naperville area, contact Leslie Heating and Cooling by calling 630.621.9419 or visiting us on the web to learn more about how to keep your children safe at home.