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How to Find the Best Air Conditioner Filter

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Imagine this: you arrive home from work and put your air conditioner on. After sitting in your living room for about an hour, the temperature doesn’t feel significantly cooler. No, your air conditioner isn’t broken — it’s time to change the filter. When it comes to changing a filter, many overlook this simple step because they don’t know which filter to choose. No need to fear — we’ll break it down for you here!

Leslie H_C - July 20, 2017

MERV Ratings

This popular abbreviation stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and is a key feature to look for when purchasing a new air filter. To use MERV ratings efficiently, look at the numbers and see how low/high they land — they’ll range from 1 to 20. If the number is quite low (1-10), that means the filter will pick up less debris and will have to be replaced more often. Now, if the number is on the high end of the spectrum (11-20), it will pick up more airborne particles and will have to be replaced less frequently.


When it comes to air conditioner filters (a.k.a. mechanical air filters), there are four types you should know: fiberglass, pleated, high-efficiency and true high-efficiency (True HEPA). Each of these filters has different characteristics, ultimately giving you a different air quality experience. For your convenience, we’ve made a “cheat sheet” below:

Fiberglass Air Filter

-Very thin panel.

-Removes approximately 10% of airborne debris.

-MERV rating: lowest (1-4)

Pleated Air Filter

-More pleated panels; removes more particles, with higher frequency of air pressure

-Removes approximately 45% of airborne debris

-MERV rating: low (10-13)

High-Efficiency Air Filter

-Complex filter panel

-Removes about 85% of airborne debris

-MERV rating: high (14-16)

True High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (True HEPA)

-High quality filter panel, BUT must have separate HEPA Filtration installed to function

-Removes about 98% of airborne debris

-MERV rating: highest (17-20)

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3 Summer Benefits of Home Insulation

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Not every day is a walk in the park — but some days will feel like you’re sitting in the park, engulfed in direct sunlight. Whether you have a standard AC unit, a ductless mini-split air conditioner, or a fan — summer is the ultimate moment of truth when testing your home’s cooling features. . But one feature that most forget to mention is insulation: the silent partner within the cooling family. It’s common to believe that insulation only offers heating benefits, but in reality it also cools your home in the summer. Here are some “cool” benefits of home insulation:

Leslie H_C - July 12, 2017

Benefit 1: Use Less Energy

Instead of your space becoming too warm or too cool, insulation will adjust your room to a comfortable temperature naturally. With insulation’s regulating powers, it will cut AC usage in half, along with your electric bills!

Benefit 2: Allergen Reduction

Despite it being the summer, allergies are still present. When installing insulation within your home, not only are you regulating the temperature inside, but you’re also blocking outdoor allergens from entering. That’s right: insulation will decrease indoor allergies in addition to saving you money!

Benefit 3: Sound Barrier

When warmer weather arises, so does the noise level within your neighborhood (and within your home). Insulation keeps sound levels to a minimum no matter where you are in your house. If you wanted to host a surprise birthday party, and the guest of honor is walking up to your front door, they won’t be able to hear you telling everyone to be quiet! It’s a win-win for every situation!


Of course, there are many other points and methods of insulating that can be utilized to make sure your home’s temperature as comfortable as possible. We are happy to cover all the options with you, at Leslie Heating & Cooling! To learn more, give us a call at 630.621.9419!


Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

The heat is on — or least it feels that way. During the summertime, it can be a struggle keeping your home comfortable. Although you may have a central AC unit, or standard window unit, you might feel it’s still not enough to keep cool. Sometimes those cooling methods might not hit all the desired target spots in your home, such as a kitchen. Instead of adding more ducts, or using another a window, why not install a ductless mini-split air conditioner? If you’re not sure what this entails, or if it fits your cooling needs, here are the benefits:

Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner - Leslie Heating & Cooling - July 5, 2017
Benefit #1: Space Saving

Unlike traditional AC units, this ductless “wonder” is compact and won’t take up much space. These units are installed close to the ceiling, and can easily blend in with your decor.

Benefit #2: Energy Saving

Similar to a standard AC unit, this device can save energy and money. Unlike central AC units, there won’t be duct loss — cold air will be delivered directly to the space!

Benefit #3: Easy Installation

Installing a ductless mini-split air conditioner can be done instantly, taking less than an hour. The unit mounts to a wall, and requires minimal hardware/drilling. It will be a blast of joy, and cold air when the installation is complete!

Benefit #4: Cools Desired Spot

This groundbreaking AC won’t disappoint when it comes to cooling! Once powered on, it will feel like an additional central air unit within your home — half the cost, and maintenance!

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5 Energy-Saving Cooling Methods

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Picture it: you receive an envelope from your electric company in the mail, open it, and immediately drop the letter on the counter. Warmer weather is upon us, and not only does it affect our comfort, it also affects our monthly bills. Instead of sweating out the heat (as a solution), here are some energy saving cooling methods that will save you dollars, and protect the environment.

Leslie Heating & Cooling - July 3, 2017

Tip 1: Keep the Door(s) Shut

Using the air conditioner in your bedroom, but not in the rest of your home? If that’s the case, shut the door — it will keep the cold air in, and your air conditioner won’t be working overtime.

Tip 2: Close the Blinds

Want to use your AC less? Try keeping the blinds closed within your home. It may be tough to block the view of your lawn ornaments at first, but it will be worth it in the end.

Tip 3: Cool, Damp Cloth

The next time you’re overheating, take a hand towel (or small cloth) and run it under cold water for thirty seconds. Once that’s complete, place it on any pulse point of your body; like the back of your neck, for example. This will cool your body temperature, and you’ll feel refreshed within minutes!

Tip 4: Have a BBQ

No, it doesn’t have to be an actual BBQ — but have one, if you must. By grilling outdoors, you’re eliminating heat emissions from your stovetop and cutting electric/ gas costs in half. Also: who doesn’t love a good meal with grill marks?

Tip 5: Open the Windows

Before you head to bed, open the windows in your room. By doing this, you’re preserving the AC and letting natural air in. It’s a great way to balance the room’s air temperature, and cut energy usage in half.

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