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The Smartest Ways to Prepare for Vacation

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Just imagine: you’re so caught up in packing and daydreaming about your August vacation that you forget to secure your home. And as a result, you come home to a flooded basement or a broken window. Regardless of the outcome, there are seven steps you can take to prepare and  protect your home from damage during your next vacation.

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Turn off the water
Turning off the main supply line is crucial to keeping your home safe before leaving. A major leak while you’re gone can cause catastrophic damage to your home without anyone being there to take notice of it. Closing the valve on the main supply line cuts off water in the house but still allows outside sprinklers to work. You just won’t have to worry about leaks and gallons of wasted water.

Check the sump pump
If your sump pump fails while you’re on vacation and a storm hits, your basement could get flooded. Dump a bucket of water in there to test if the sump pump is working. The pump should turn on when the pit fills up with water. If it doesn’t, call your plumber immediately.

Water your plants
This one is obvious. If you’ll be away for a few days to a week, give your plants enough water to last (depending on how often they need to be fed).

Unplug electronics
When you’re away from home, you won’t be needing your electronics, so go ahead and unplug them – TVs, computers, lamps, fans – you’ll save money on electric and prevent a fire hazard or a fuse.

Set timers
The best tactic while you’re away is to make it look like someone is actually home. So set timers to go off during the late evening hours. This goes for the porch lights, the living room lamps, and even upstairs window candles.

Turn up the thermostat
Rather than turning off the AC, simply set your programmable thermostat to hold at a warm 85 degrees. The day before you get back, adjust it to a comfortable 72. If you have a manual thermostat, we still suggest turning it up while you’re gone to avoid wasting energy. You just might have to deal with some heat upon your return.

Tell a trusted neighbor
Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye out on your house for any suspicious acts. If the timers don’t go on, let them know to inform you. If you have a pet at home, ask them to check on it and feed as necessary. You might wanted to ask them to take in the mail as well, to further hide the fact that no one is home.

If you’re tired of coming home to a hot house and want to purchase a programmable thermostat, Leslie Heating & Cooling can set you up! We are a family-owned and operated business based in Woodridge, Illinois and is here for all of your emergency needs before vacation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn even more, give us a call at 630.621.9419 or visit our website.

Why Air Duct Cleanings Are Important

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Duct cleaning is one of the more easily forgotten tasks to take care of in your home. Truth is, remembering to have your air ducts cleaned has both health and financial benefits. Here’s how:

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Improve Air Quality
Dust can easily accumulate in your air ducts over the months. Ultimately all that dirt and dust links to dirtiness of your HVAC system and your home.

Boost Your Health
That being said, by cleaning your air ducts you can significantly improve your respiratory health. This especially rings true allergy and asthma sufferers. Dust and dirt in your air ducts means all that air is being blown into your home, leading to more contaminants and air pollutants.

Reduce Energy Costs
When your ducts becomes dirty, it makes your system work harder and shortens its lifespan. The harder your system has to work to pump out cool, clean air, the more energy you use.

By calling your professional HVAC technician, you can schedule an air duct cleaning to restore your system. At Leslie Heating and Cooling, the comfort of your home is a top priority for us. That is why we offer everything from AC installation, to repairs and maintenance, and even air purifiers. We are a family-owned and operated business based in Woodridge, Illinois and is here for all of your emergency needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn even more, give us a call at 630.621.9419 or visit our website.

5 Ways Improve Indoor Air Quality

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Pollution is a term that usually conjures up images of car exhaust and smog, but people rarely think about their own living room as being polluted. Whether it’s guests dragging in pollen or gaseous chemicals — here are 5 ways to easily reduce the amount of air pollution in your home.

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1. Keep your floors clean

Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming twice a week can keep your house free of any pollen or pet dander visitors bring into your home, as well as toxins found in household cleaners. For the best results, use a high powered, HEPA filter vacuum to prevent blowing debris back into the air.

2. No smoking (even when no one’s around)

With over 4,000 chemicals found in cigarettes, second hand smoke is one of the largest contributors to asthma related symptom in children. Even if you don’t smoke around others, smoke, ash and other chemicals can linger deep in carpets, the walls and air.

3. Protect against Radon

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, but many people may not even know if it’s in their home. This colorless, odorless gas is a natural product of decaying soil and can travel through cracks and vents into your home. Testing is quick and inexpensive, as are the treatments so there’s no excuse not to test.

4. Fill your home with natural scents

You may think lavender scented air fresheners make your house smell good, but these synthetic fragrances emit dozens of different chemicals into the air. Instead of choosing a manufactured scent, opt for its natural equivalence — decorate your home with good smelling plants, lay out baking soda and lemon slices and leave your windows open.

5. Control humidity

Mold and dust mites love moisture, so be sure to keep the humidity in your home low, between 30 – 50%. Easily solve humidity problems by running a dehumidifier during hot summer months.

At Leslie Heating and Cooling, we are a family-owned and operated business based in Woodridge, Illinois and are dedicated to making your home feel more comfortable. That is why we offer air filters and fresh air ventilation systems to maximize your home’s comfort. To learn more about these solutions, give us a call at 630.621.9419 or visit our website.