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7 Ways to Cool Down on a Budget

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Let’s face it: owning an air conditioner isn’t cheap. And during the dog days of summer, the prices only get worse. That is, unless you know how to stay energy-efficient. As your Chicagoland area HVAC specialists, we’d like to share 7 tips for cooling down and sticking to a budget:

natural ways to cool your home
1. Plant more trees – Planting more greens around your home can stop the sun from shining inside your home and heating things up (causing you to crank the AC in the summer).

2. Install solar screens – Did you know that solar or mesh-like window screens can block up to 70 percent of solar energy before it enters your home? Install them on the west side of your home where sunlight hits the strongest during the day.

3. Circulate the fan – Keep the fan going inside your home and use in conjunction with your air conditioning. But instead of blowing the fan in your exact direction, leave it close to your AC unit to push the air from your unit across the room.

4. Regulate the thermostat – It may sound simple, but it’s easy to forget – lower your air conditioner’s thermostat setting to 78 degrees when you’re at home and raise it higher at night and when you’re away. By making this adjustment, you can save 5 to 15 percent on your cooling bills.

5. Cozy up in the basement – When the hot air rises, your basement is the number one spot to stay cool. So if you have a finished basement, take advantage by spending more time down there. Use it as an extra, cozy living space to keep cool during those hot, humid summer days.

6. Have a cookout – Summer is all about the great taste of BBQs. But barbeques don’t only taste delicious, they can save you energy as well. Think about how much heat you generate by using the stove and oven in your kitchen, and how much air conditioning you use to counteract the heat. Now imagine how much energy you can save by cooking outdoors instead!

7. Maintain your system – Scheduling a tune-up, changing a dirty filter, and fixing repairs is all a part of maintaining a well-functioning HVAC system. Without doing what it takes to allow good air movement, you can boost your cooling budget and make your AC work even harder, which often leads to less efficiency.

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Energy-Efficient Cooling Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

With just a few weeks left of summer, there’s still time to get the best out of your air conditioner. If you’re looking for the most effective ways to stay cool while saving energy, look no further than these tips:

thermostat cost

Set the temperature high. Make sure you set your thermostat at a high temperature during the hot days of September. Truth be told, when there’s a smaller difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, you can lower the costs of cooling.

Remember cooler is not better. Setting your thermostat to the coldest setting will not cool your home off faster. In fact, cooling off a room takes time. So don’t make the mistake of setting your air conditioner too cold, as this can lead to unnecessary expenses.

Turn on a fan. If you own a window AC unit, consider using a ceiling or tower fan in conjunction with your air conditioner. Doing so will help the cooler air to circulate, spreading the cold air around your room more rapidly and effectively. Plus, you won’t have to use as much energy from your air conditioner!

Turn off appliances. Shutting off appliances that give off excess heat, such as lamps and TVs can save you a great deal of money in the long run. This is because you won’t have to crank your AC has high to fight the heat from these devices.

Buy an energy-efficient model. One of the best ways you can cool off your home while saving energy is to look for an ENERGY STAR labeled air conditioner. These units are 10 percent more efficient, which can save you that much more money on your next utility bill!

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