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5 Green Ways to Improve Your Air Quality

5 Green Ways to Improve Your Air Quality

One of the most sought after goals of any home improvement plan is to improve the indoor air quality. Although there are many professional approaches to diminish poor air quality, there are also many natural, green ways to improve it, too. Without further ado, here are the top five ways you can improve your indoor air quality from a greener standpoint:

Sneakers with doormat

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

This fun and festive glowing rock will emit soft, pink hues of light in addition to purifying the air quality within your home. Truly encompassing the term “statement piece,” this natural wonder of the world also reduces indoor allergies and deodorizes the air. Slowly, but surely, this lamp is becoming a staple feature in every home that’s dedicated to improving its indoor air quality.

A Carousel of Houseplants

Granted, it won’t actually replicate a carousel (you can be creative and try to recreate one) but it’s best to have an assortment of plants within your home to improve the air quality. Some of the top recommended plants to have in your home are the following: Lady Palm, English Ivy, and Rubber Tree, to name a few.

Candles Made By Bees

Okay, so the candles aren’t exactly handcrafted by bees, but these specific candles are made from beeswax. Unlike traditional candles, that are a staple of every home and holiday gift exchange, beeswax candles don’t emit chemicals and deodorize the air naturally within your home.


One of the simplest, most effective ways to improve indoor air quality is by placing a doormat outside every main entranceway. Many floor mats pick up an assortment of debris from footwear and can most of it before entering your home. It’s also a great way to give any doorway a simple makeover within seconds, too!

Open the Windows

Leave it to Mother Nature to help sharpen your indoor air quality! An age old trick to purify any indoor environment is to open up the windows and let the wind do the rest. Even if the breeze is slightly underwhelming, any little bit of air makes a tremendous difference — and it’s the greenest alternative in the land, too.

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