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Our Vision

Vision Statement

“We. Comfort. Families.”

Our vision is short, yet profound.  Abundant with meaning to describe our business to build indoor comfort environments and our deeper passion to comfort people to enhance their quality of life and contribute to the greater good.

Mission Statement

“We comfort families by providing compelling service experiences that deliver cozy indoor environments.”

Our family is comprised of ladies and gentlemen honoring a service tradition that puts people paramount and craftsmanship prominent.  Committed to a service ethic that invests the time to know people and how to serve them is a source of our pride.  We deliver measurable performance of cozy indoor environments by measuring and testing home comfort systems and designing solutions that serve people with excellence.  We offer the ultimate level of comfort by providing peace of mind, healthy, and energy efficient indoor environments.

Guiding Principles

  • Integrity.  We are bound to be true even when no one is looking.\
  • Excellence.   We continually dream big, set audacious goals, refine our skills, and expand our potential.
  • Service Ethic.   Our mission of serving people before profits has established our service tradition.
  • Member Development.   We create culture that honors and inspires our members to grow into their best.
  • Community Contribution.   We invest our time, talents, and treasure to contribute to those in most need.

The Leslie Difference

  • Our Purpose.  We are more than a business, we are on a mission to connect, serve, and contribute.
  • Our People.  Carefully selected and highly trained in human relations and technical excellence.
  • Our Performance.   To maintain accountability by providing measurable results to our customers, members, and the work we perform.

The Leslie Proven Process

  • Prepare.   Physically and mentally prepare to assure our service is remarkable.
  • Greet.   Establish our professionalism and set the expected agenda of service.
  • Explore.   Listen to the customer and evaluate their equipment to establish a course of action.
  • Present.   Present options up-front to resolve any issues to comfort the customer.
  • Execute.   Best practices of proceeding with service provisions and keeping the customer informed.
  • Wrap-Up.   Walking the customer through the work performed and follow up to assure excellence.
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