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How to Remove Mold From an HVAC Unit

How to Remove Mold From an HVAC Unit

Your HVAC isn’t only responsible for keeping your home’s temperature comfortable, it’s also in charge of maintaining your air quality. And mold doesn’t just affect how well a unit runs, it can also compromise your home’s air quality if it gets into the vents. During your next filter change or cleaning, check behind your HVAC unit for signs of mold. If you do notice little, green patches, use our four-step process to get rid of them for good.

Leslie Heating and Cooling How to Remove Mold From an HVAC Unit

Step 1: Make your solution.

Mold is a different beast all its own, so your typical disinfectant spray might not work. Make your own powerful mold removal solution by combining 1 tbsp of detergent with 1/2 cup of baking soda, and one cup of water.

Step 2: Protect yourself.

Because mold can affect your health, it’s important to protect yourself while cleaning it. The EPA suggests wearing a N95 mask, rubber gloves, a long sleeve t-shirt, and protective eyewear whenever you come in contact with mold.

Step 3: Shut off Your HVAC System.

Whenever you work on or clean an electrical appliance, you always want to make sure it’s turned off first. Turning off your unit will also let you access the evaporator coil, ducts, and drip pan (where mold is most commonly found) easily and safely.

Step 4: Get ready to scrub.

Now that you and your unit have been prepped, it’s time to scrub! Generously spray any moldy areas with your cleaning solution, and leave it to sit for a few minutes. Then, using a damp cloth or scrub brush, scrub the mold off in a circular motion. Be sure to throw out whatever cleaning tools you used to get rid of the mold (ie: all those cloths and rags). Even if you throw them in the laundry machine, mold can still stick around.

Important note: The EPA recommends that any mold covering more than 10 sq. feet should be cleaned and controlled by a professional.

At Leslie Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on the work we do to keep our customers comfortable in their homes. We also believe that maintaining comfortable temperatures is only part of our job as heating and cooling specialists. Your home’s air quality is as deserving of our attention as is the temperature. If you’re looking to improve your air quality, we can suggest and install the top air quality systems.

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