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Prepare Your Heating System Before Winter Arrives

Prepare Your Heating System Before Winter Arrives

Winter will soon arrive and this one could be colder than in recent years. Now is the time to get your heating system prepared before the arrival of cold weather. Left unchecked, this could lead to a breakdown of your furnace just when you need it most.

The filter system

Installing new filters in your furnace will help it breath better and burn more efficiently. They should be replaced before the cold season and checked every month to see if it needs another replacement. The money you save with a more efficient burning furnace will pay for the filters.

Looking inside

Check the burners to make sure they are free of any obstruction. A partially clogged burner can keep the furnace from heating your home right. Check the blower to see if it is free of debris. It could also need oiled if it is noisy or is not running up to speed.

The duct system

The heating ducts need to be checked for leaks and fixed if there are any. This could be a big potential loss of heat if they are not repaired. They need to be properly insulated as well. Having the furnace in good shape while losing heat through the duct system is a bad way to go through winter.

Looking at the chimney

The chimney needs to be inspected to prevent a fire hazard. A bird nest or an extreme build up of soot could possibly start a fire. This should be looked at and cleaned by a professional.

Your vents

All vents should be checked in the house to make sure they are fully open and not covered by furniture or plants. Obstruction of these vents can compromise the heating of the room. Also make sure your thermostat is operating properly.

An upgrade

If your heating system is several tears old, it might be worth upgrading to a new, more efficient heating system. These are designed to heat your home more efficiently as well as control the humidity level. They use less energy and are designed to last for many years.

Having your heating system checked over before the arrival of winter can save you from a cold night while trying to find someone to repair your furnace. This is the time to do it with cold weather arriving soon.

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